Iphone 5s

It’s been a few month now so I think i can take a few minutes and say what I think about the Iphone 5s.

All in all it’s a pretty good phone. It’s a big upgrade from the Iphone 5 if you consider the fact that you get an upgraded camera, a new more powerful Chip the A7 with it’s coprocessor the M7, and a new IOS at the same time. It feels very reactive and fast, the transition on the new IOS are extremely smooth.

Design wise it’s the same as the 5 with a slight color difference for the black model that becomes gray. It’s visually pleasing and it seems to me that the back of the Iphone might be more resistant to scratches than it’s predecessor, or maybe I’m just being more careful.

The A7 chip provides a great deal of speed that is felt in everyday use, switching apps, saving documents, unlocking your phone and most of all taking photos or videos. The slow motion video mode is just perfect and you can adjust when the slow motion starts and stops in your video ! Neat !

The fingerprint sensor is just so cool ! I personally never set up my phone to use the 4-digit code before now. I hated having to type in my code every single time I wanted to check something. Now it’s just secure and very practical to use, push the home button and the sensor does the rest. You get immediate access to your phone in a blitz. Powerful, secure and so cool ! Have I mentioned it already ?

I love this phone and it feels like using a computer and not a phone. Get one now !