Jaypegams relaunched

I’m proud to release this new version of my personal website and portfolio. It will serve me as a blog / portfolio / pictures repository. It’s still not completely finished, I still need to polish a few things here and there. You can still expect a few changes.

I’ve been going back and forth between wordpress and tumblr for I don’t know how long and it’s driven me mad. I have now finally decided to settle upon expression engine once and for all. No more PHP coding for this version, just a few well-organized EE tags here and there and we’re rolling.


This website is based on the Gridlocks by designbyfront to make it responsive.
Runs on an expression engine freelance license. And is Hosted at gandi.

The typography is FF unit Slab by @erikspiekerman and served by @typekit. I use javascript for Typekit and one more script called modernizr :

” Modernizr is an open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites.”

Coded using Espresso for mac on a Macbook air 11,6” and a macbook pro 15”.

Using em

Following @markboulton’s advice on designing from content out, meaning from the smallest elements, in this case P, and starting the design with the single article page.

With this website I’ve used only em values so that the design apart from being responsive is also sized based on the font size witch means that anybody resizing their browser base font size will not break the layout at all. Pretty neat huh?

Writing more?

I feel really good about the layout of this version witch will encourage me to write more. Even though I’m not a native English speaker. Please bear with me and help me improve if you can. The layout allows me to post simple small notes as well as big and well-structured articles.


I would very much like to thank for their truly awesome work that I get inspiration from: @elliotjaystocks, @maxvoltar, @erikspiekerman @oliverrichenstein and many others. Although they have not helped directly with this website they definitely have had a big influence.