responsive web design

I’m really excited to launch this website. I’ve had a thing for responsive web design since it came to light thanks to ethan marcotte.

I’ve tried using tumblr for quit some time now but for some reason never had the right content for it. Tumblr is definitely right for this project. Allowing me to post links to articles, tools, frameworks really fast and thus limiting the amount of time spend publishing.

I’ve been curating links, articles, tools, frameworks and much and I’ve decided, having some free time, to share all of my findings with the rest of the web. I hope it will be useful to other designers wishing to go responsive.

Colophon Part

Instead of starting from scratch I’ve used a tumblr theme originally created by matthew buchanan as a starting point, and modified it to become responsive using a nice framework by designbyfront, like i’ve done for this website. Changing every PX to EM values was quit a hassle but I’m happy to be done. I’ve used Futura PT as the only font and it’s served via Typekit. The icons are from the Pictos bundle

The design might still need polishing here and there but that will have to wait until I get my hands free from the Xmas holidays.

Edit: Matthew Buchanan Liked the design, so thanks for that !