About me

I'm a martial artist, I spent five years in China Beijing, to study martial arts with people like Chen Yu in Chen Style Taiji Quan and Bagua Zhang under my Master MA Chuan-Xu. I taught martial arts for four years in France when I got back from China.

I'm a CrossFitter, I started CrossFit in 2006 while in China as a GPP method for martial arts, and slowly got more into it. I have now opened my  CrossFit Affiliate in France, I've done my Level-2 and have been coaching for 4 years and still do.

I'm Web Desginer, I have spent more than ten years making websites mostly for my martial arts school and my CrossFit affiliate as well as my personal blogs, and sometimes for friends and small businesses in France. This blog right here as seen at least 30 iterations, and will probably see many more.

I'm a Photographer, as of 2018 i'm a photographer, I've bought all the gear necessary for photography and cinematography, I will post some photos article on this blog and I might start a youtube channel very soon. All this just for fun... or maybe more...

You can get in touch with me by mail if you want. Happy browsing.