Beats Pro by Dr Dre

Introductory note: I was meant to release this review a month ago but never got around to it. Since it's Christmas I figured it would be a good time to finally publish it for those looking for advice on great gifts to be made.

I,recently a month or so ago, purchased a pair of Beats pro by Dre to replace my bowers and Wilkins P5 that I had for 2 weeks by had them returned because they were so uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, it was a torture on my ears. I must have weird formed ears cause I've read so many great reviews stating they were so confortable.

Now when you go from B&P P5 you can't just take any crappy headphone afterwards. I tested the beats studio, and many other well-reviewed headphones such as Bose, Panasonic but I found them to be only mediocre compared to the B&P P5. But when I tried on a pair of beats pro, WOW the world of sound changed. Those earphones are simply wonderful.

Note that I'm not an audiophile. I just like my music and listen to it many hours each day. I enjoy every kind of music, from Jazz to rap to classical (everything except all electro stuff and heavy metal).

One of the drawbacks of the Beats pro by dre is their weight. They are heavy as hell they can weigh on your head quit much if worn for continues periods of time. Of course this is due to the extraordinary build quality all aluminum and leather.

Edit: I found that after getting use to it you forget they're on your head, to the point where you get up from your desk and realize they actually were on your head and crash on the floor. Good thing they are amazingly build.

The cable is strong as hell and never tangles and its quality is just pure happiness … not like any of my previous in ear headphones like the Shure and Ethymotics. The 3.5 jack input is a 90° input witch is really nice when plugged in my MacBook air.

Some people complain about the heavy bass of the beats by dre in general but I believe the beats pro are way above any other beats! The sound is like having real speakers right next to your hear. So powerful that you will have to turn the volume down.