I did it ! Almost

I said a few weeks ago, that I wanted to create my own youtube channel ! Well, I did it, I even posted my first video, a quick review of a Sirui monopod. I needed to find a subject to help me talk and it's all I could find that could actually help others.

I said almost as I haven't told you nor anyone else where to find the video. I'm not ready yet, it's out there on youtube somewhere, but I'm not sure I should publish it officialy. If someone who doesn't know me sees it, it's okay. But If someone I know watches the videos that means it's real !

I find that writting a blog is way easier than doing a vlog. I'm pretty sure that if I keep on going I'll get more confortable in front of a camera and that a year from now this post will feel funny. we'll see, more on the subject soon.