My Getkirby Setup for blogging

What is kirby ? In a few words

Kirby is a file-based cms
Easy to setup, easy to use, flexible as hell

Kirby is a great little file-based CMS that is easyli customisable and very user friendly. After doing some research I found out that you could get a very smooth workflow with getkirby, and by using a few apps, you could get the dream set-up :

I use Alfred 2 and the powerpack to type in a magic word and it create a folder with the title as it's folder name, creates a markdown file and populates it with the title, the date and opens up  Byword, my markdown writting app. From there on I just need to writte some text. pretty neat huh !
The source script for this set up : From Mark Jenkins
A tweaked script the one I use : from

Since getkirby uses static files, I store my local folder on my Dropboxaccount and with the use of some almost perfect magic everything gets synced form local to live instantly. For this I use two little Apps, one called Folderwath and the famous Transmit, the Panic FTP file uploader. With Transmit I mount my FTP as a disk ( great little tool created by panic ! ) and ask Folderwatch to sync my local Dropbox version to the live FTP disk.

Now I say almost perfect as this can be accomplished with dropbox directly on the server which would remove the need of tranmit and folderwatch

but I haven't found a way to do that just yet. I'm no server speaking guru. If you are fell free to shoot me a mail :)

Edit It's done, I now use dropbox to sync my live server and my local folder.
Follow this tutorial to set it up

The second almost comes from the fact that each time you turn off your computer the FTP disk you mounted deasapears and you have the recreate it ! pain !

Edit 2 I have found a solution thank's to google that automate's this task with an apple script and automator. Thank you apple and Panic !

As you have guessed there is no better or more realiable way to publish anything on the web. You get a backup thanks to dropbox, you writte in the best markdown app ever ! and everything else is done by magic. It might take some time, although not that much, to setup but it does feel like magic.

If you have any comment or suggestion please do feel free to let me know at @jaypegams or by mail at jpgams


Apps used in this setup:

Dropbox and my VPS links are affiliate links.

Thanks to all the people for sharing their insights on their kirby flow.

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