New name and new design.

Just a few words about this new identity and the new design. I have remodeled and to do so I have used Kirby (review coming about this new CMS soon).

The goal was to be able to blog, and post pictures and links in both French and English, in an easy manner. The name Jaypegams didn't mean much in french, as it is simply unpronounceable, whereas janfi in french is my short name, everyone calls me that, so it made more sense, my real name being Jean-philippe.

I will be regrouping under all the links and articles curated at about responsive design, as well as some of the pictures over at a fixed geared bicycle blog I created not so long ago. In short I'll be blogging about all my passions under on roof.

colophon part

The typography used for the logo is Valencia a beautiful clean font from losttype, a great resource for fonts.
The rest of the typography used throughout the site is EB Garamond embedded via google fonts.
Coded and published with Espresso for mac and using CodeKit to compile everything.
Runs on Kirby CMS and is hosted at gandi.
The text on this website is almost always written in iA writer on the iPad Mini or the MBP air 11".